Junior Board Member and Officer Application

April 25, 2022


Hello PSC Junior Board Members,


The 2022-2023 PSC Junior Board season has started! Please sign up to be a member of the 2022-2023 Junior Board. We will have monthly activities such as volunteer events, T-shirt design, fundraisers, and more! Junior Board is a great way to earn volunteer hours and give back to the community while having fun with your friends.


Any skater is welcome to join the Junior Board. Please contact for a quick and easy sign-up form. 


Please forward this email to any of your friends who would like to take part in our new season as well. The deadline is May 15th, so please make sure to sign up as soon as possible!! Even if you are already on the board and would like to continue, please still sign up as we will set up a new mailing list.  


In addition, for the 2022-2023 season, two officer positions are open: Project Chair and Public Relations.  


We encourage every current Junior Board member to apply!


Due Date: May 15

Please contact  for the application form. 


Thank you and we are looking forward to an amazing season!


Your Junior Board Officers

image0 (1).jpeg

Olympic Watch Party

Feb 17, 2022


Hello everyone,


Come join us this Thursday (2/17) at San Jose Sharks Ice. We will be holding an Olympic Watch Party during the Women's Free Skate. To show our support for Karen, we have prepared a banner and would like to make a short video expressing congratulations and encouragement to send to all our Olympians.


We would love it if you all could come show your support and be part of the video! 


Thank you,

PSC Junior Board officers


College Students Guest Speaker Event

Dec 27, 2021


Hello everyone,


We have some exciting news! 

On 12/27 Monday from 4-4:45 pm, we will be having 3 college guest speakers (Erica, Erina and Sarah) who used to skate for the Peninsula Figure Skating Club. They are currently students at MIT & UCLA. We are gathering questions for the guest speakers as this event will be a Q & A type webinar. 


Please email us for any questions you have for the speakers!


Thank you,

PSC Junior Board officers 


Holiday Donation Update

Dec 12, 2021


Our holiday "Adopt-a-Family" donation event has concluded!

Thank you to everyone who participated in the holiday donation:

Alice, Isabella, Trisha, Danielle, Linda, Minseo, Mayu, Ashley, Sawaka, Nahono, Lily

With your help, Mireya and her family will be able to enjoy a holiday season filled with gifts that they needed.


Keep an eye out for more upcoming volunteer opportunities!

Happy holidays!

Your JB Officers

adoptfamily flyer.jpg

Thanksgiving Adopt-A-Family Donation

Nov 15, 2021

Hi everyone,

We hope you are doing well. We’re excited to announce our new event!


For our Thanksgiving activity, we will “adopt-a-family” in need. We’ll be buying around 15 items that Mireya and her family need, then dropping them off at Bill Wilson Center. All items must be in new condition.


Their bio is: “Family that came here from El Salvador for better life. In their journey they were stuck in Mexico and became homeless. They arrived here to live with childhood friend and it did not work out. Dad is working nights and pregnant mom and young son sleep in car at night. Son does attend 1st grade.” 


Please fill out the Google Form below by Thursday 11/18 if you are interested. We’ll communicate with interested members later to coordinate deadlines and drop-off locations. 


Please feel free to email us with any questions!


Thank you,

PSC Junior Board Officers


PSC Buddy Program Progress

Nov 1, 2021

We are very excited to announce that 15 skaters have joined the Buddy Program! The Buddies had a blast at our first meeting where we chatted about our hopes and plans for the program. Throughout the year, buddies will meet one-on-one with each other, regularly chat, and have lots of fun together.

Recently, Adrian and Amanda had a great time bonding with their Big Buddies, Alice and Ashley, at Sweet Honey Dessert shop. They exchanged exciting gifts they prepared for each other, and their parents shared their experiences on raising skaters. They can’t wait for their next buddy meeting!

​We are still open for more members to join the program. The fun starts here by signing up as a buddy:

See you at our next event!

PSC Junior Board Officers

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T-shirt Design Contest Winner and Order Form

Oct 27, 2021

Hello everyone!


Thank you so much to everyone who turned in a T-shirt design and voted. We received 10 beautiful designs this year, and we are sure it was difficult for everyone to choose their favorite one!


We are so excited to finally announce the T-shirt design winner for the 2021-2022 season. Congratulations to both Ashley and Naho for having the most votes for their designs! Ashley’s design was chosen for the front of the shirt, and Naho’s was chosen for the back. 


IMPORTANT: The PSC Junior Board members' names are written on the back of the T-shirt. Please let us know if your name is missing, spelled incorrectly, or if there are any other issues. 


Each T-shirt will be about $20, but the actual price will depend on how many people order a shirt. It is preferred that you pick up your T-shirts at the skating rink where we will be handing them out, but if you are not able to pick it up, we can ship it to you, in which case the delivery fee will be $3 for each T-shirt. 


The deadline for ordering is 10/31 (Sunday). 

Unfortunately, we will not be able to take any late orders since we will be ordering all the T-shirts together. 


Order your T-shirt here:

Thank you,

PSC Junior Board officers


Junior Board T-shirt Design Contest

Oct 17, 2021

Hello everyone!

It is finally time to vote for our T-shirt design for the 2021-2022 season! Thank you to all who have turned in a design. They are all so amazing! 

Please vote for 1 design for the front of the shirt and 1 design for the back. Just a reminder that everyone who votes will receive 1 point! 


Please click the link below to vote:


Thank you,

PSC Junior Board Officers

adoptfamily flyer (1).jpg

Peninsula Skating Club Buddy Program

Sept 1, 2021

Hello Junior Board members!

Hope your new school year is going well!

To start the new season, we are collaborating with PSC and starting a Buddy Program to connect PSC skaters and make everyone feel like more of a community. We hope this program will promote friendship, support social needs, and foster a greater sense of belonging. It welcomes new and younger members and reaffirms their decision to join PSC while giving them the support in knowing that they have someone they can confidently turn to for support. This program will hopefully create friendships that enable both older and younger skaters to bond more closely with their club. The older skaters learn responsibility, leadership and communication skills, and benefit from all those wonderful feelings from helping others and being involved. Buddy systems can have numerous benefits such as promoting an inclusive environment for all, better acceptance of differences, encourage interaction with peers, and even personal growth.


We are currently looking for big buddies from Junior Board to mentor and support little ones in their skating journey. Big buddies will connect with little buddies through interactive activities, examples include gift exchange, regular check in at least twice a month, attend little buddies' test sessions or competitions, meet ups. 


If you are interested, please fill out the sign up form by 9/19 and we will pair you with a little buddy.


Thanks for your consideration!

Your Junior Board officers


Peninsula Skating Club Meeting with Charlie White

July 11, 2021

Dear Junior Board members,

We were so lucky to virtually meet with guest speaker Charlie White. With his partner Meryl Davis, he was the 2014 Olympic Champion, 2010 Olympic silver medalist, two-time world champion, five-time grand prix final champion, three-time four continents champion and six-time US national champion. 


We learned so much from Charlie's stories. It was inspiring to hear him talk about the obstacles he faced, and how he overcame them.


Thank you so much for joining us Charlie!


Junior Board Officer Application

June 2, 2021

Dear Junior Board,


As our 2020-2021 Junior Board season closes, we wanted to thank you all for your amazing work this year. We hope that you all had a great time giving back to our community.


For the 2021-2022 season, two officer positions are open: Secretary/Treasurer and Public Relations.  


The role of Secretary/Treasurer is: takes meeting minutes; records group’s decisions and records volunteer hours; keeps account of attendance; maintains files; keeps track of JB’s fundraising account.

The role of Public Relations is: advises on fundraising strategies, projects, events, etc. as well as promotes events and publicity; manages JB website and photos; maintains JB Instagram/Snapchat account; sends out periodic emails regarding volunteer events, updates.  


We encourage every current Junior Board member to apply.


Application Form:

Deadline: June 15, 2021


Thank you! 


Best regards,

Your Junior Board Officers

2021 PSC General Meeting.pptx.jpg

Peninsula Skating Club General Meeting

June  6, 2021

Please join us on June 6, 2021 at 1pm for PSC virtual annual meeting! We'll review the past year's accomplishments and what to look forward to in the upcoming season. Some of the things we'll talk about are: what to expect from competitions, upcoming activities, virtual testing, and we'll vote on the new season's executive board. There's lots more, too!


Food/School Supplies/Hygiene Product Drive

May 14, 2021

Dear Junior Board members,

Thank you for participating in our food/school supplies/hygiene product drive! It is amazing that we were able to donate many items to Sacred Heart. We hope that we were able to make a positive impact on our community. We would like to thank the following skaters for contributing to this effort: Alice, Ashley, Ava, Cheyenne, Mayu, Marjie, Minseo, Nahono, Sawaka, Sienna, Trisha, Joana, Olivia

Your JB Officers


2021 USFSA Get Up Virtual 5K

Feb 1, 2021

Feb. 1, 2021 marks the five-year anniversary of National Get Up Day, created by U.S. Figure Skating as part of its Get Up campaign. To kick off the celebration, U.S. Figure Skating is launching the inaugural Get Up Virtual 5K presented by Guaranteed Rate. This event will take place virtually and participants will have the opportunity to skate, run, bike, walk, roll or complete the 5k distance any way they chose.

Come join up for this amazing event to get connected with your fellow skaters.

Your JB Officers


2020 Peninsula Skating Club Virtual Holiday Show

Dec 20, 2020

Dear Junior Board members,

We were so excited to host the inaugural Peninsula Skating Club Virtual Holiday Show which was a huge success! We loved to see everyone's performance and we wanted to thank you all for participating in the show: Erica, Sawaka, Naho, Adrian, Xiaoyang, Elizabeth H, Sophie, Grace, Da-Ni, Rainbow, Ashley, Emily, Sienna, Elizabeth M, Cheyenne, Alice, Mayu, Amanda and Connie. 


We wish you a very merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 

Your JB officers


Peninsula Skating Club Meeting with Karen Chen

Dec 20, 2020

Dear Junior Board members,

We were so thrilled to be able to invite Karen Chen , PSC's own National Champion and Olympic medalist to meet with us. Karen shared her experience during the pandemic, her college life, and her goal for the 2022 Winter Olympics. Karen's experience undoubtedly inspired so many skaters, young and old alike, especially during the most challenging time of the pandemic. We wish Karen the best luck at the upcoming National Championship. 

Thank you everyone for joining us today and we hope to see you soon at the rink.

Your JB Officers


Holiday Cards for Seniors

Dec 16, 2020

Our incredible Junior Board members have made more than 100 holiday cards in less than 3 weeks. Our cards were sent to Arkansas Hospice in Little Rock, Arkansas and Community Services Agency in Mountain View, California. The Arkansas Hospice acknowledged our efforts in their Facebook post today. 

Thank you everyone for making the beautiful cards. Your love and action have brought encouragement to the lives of the senior citizens, especially those in quarantine or isolation. 

We would like to acknowledge our wonderful skaters who made the cards: Minseo, Sienna, Arianna, Alice, Lily, Ashley, Mayu, Cheyenne, Sawaka, Naho.

Your JB officers


Making Holiday Cards for Seniors

Nov 14, 2020

Dear PSC Junior Board Members,


The PSC Junior Board has another opportunity to spread some holiday cheer! We will be making holiday cards for senior citizens in senior centers to spread some holiday cheer. If you are interested, please sign up here: We will be collecting cards before Dec 6. 



In the comfort of your own home at the kitchen table!



Your loving and thoughtful words help spread kindness and bring encouragement to the lives of the senior clients, especially those senior citizens that are in quarantine. 



Brown bag /blank card, markers, stickers, scissors, glue, craft materials, etc.



No glitter of any kind or anything religious please.



1. Watch these videos (or google one you like better!) on DIY greeting cards: 

2. Decorate a brown bag or a blank greeting card!

3. Include a positive message for our senior clients!!


Your JB Officers

Peninsula Skating Club Junior Board Virtual Holiday Show

Nov 4, 2020

Hello everyone!

We hope that everyone is doing well. We are here to announce the 2020 PSC Holiday Show!

The holiday show is a way for us to be able to showcase our programs even during SIP. To participate, you can submit a video of any skating program (freeskate, short program, artistic program, ice dance, a show just for the holidays, etc.). It's totally okay if you wear a mask while filming. If you have friends who aren't members of the Junior Board but are interested in participating, they're welcome to join as well. 


If you are interested in submitting a video please sign up through this form:

The deadline to fill out the form is November 11th. The deadline to send in a video is December 7th, and more instructions will be provided once you have filled out the form. 


We will watch all of the performances together in mid-late December (specific date to be decided.) On the day of the show, we are also planning on inviting a guest speaker(s), so look forward to that as well!


Please don't hesitate to email us if you have any questions. We're looking forward to seeing everyone's skating!

~Your officers

Petition to Save Redwood City Ice Rink

Oct 18, 2020

Hello everyone!

We want to thank all the skaters and their families who have signed the petition letter to save the Redwood City Ice Rink. As many of you may or may not know, the Redwood City ice rink is closing, and we need your help to get the rink back. 

For our October project, we have decided to support the rink by sending out a letter from the Junior Board. 


Please read the letter attached below, and let us know if you agree with the letter. It would be very helpful if everyone could support this, as we will include your name in the petition letter. 


Thank you very much!

-The Junior Board Officers

PS: Junior Board's petition letter


Skating is a very important part of our lives, as it is a huge passion for many of us. Just as how everyone has their own dreams and paths in life, we have many dreams of succeeding and achieving our goals in this sport, and the ice is what brings us back together as one. It is a wonderful place full of memories that a countless number of people make each day. From kids who practice in the morning and afternoon, before and after school, there are also many passionate adult skaters who practice very often as well. Not only is a skating rink a place for us figure skaters or hockey players, it is also a very important place for the community. People with busy work schedules may come during a night session to enjoy doing what they love, and relieve their stress to prepare for another busy day. There are children who watch skaters on television, and get inspired to take their first step on the ice, later realizing their dream of becoming a figure skater. Very often, people celebrate their birthdays at ice rinks. Many skaters tell their story about how they made a visit to their local ice rink for the very first time after being invited to a friend’s birthday party, and instantly fell in love with skating. If the rink closes, the door for everyone finding their first joy in this sport will close as well. None of these dreams will come true because there won’t be a chance, and things will never be the same. Closing this rink will become a big problem for the whole community because all opportunities will be gone, and the future will be unpredictable. Please help us get the rink back. 



The Peninsula Skating Club Junior Board 


Skaters who have signed the petition:

Mayu Tayama

Alice Feng

Lily Sun 

Rainbow Lin 

Da-ni Lin and family 

Trisha Variyar

Nicole Chan

Ava Stephens

Sophie Suidan 

Orquidea Chou 

Ariana Lee

Ashley Ruan 

Sawaka Yanagi 

Nahono Yanagi 

Cheyenne Dyer

Sienna Dyer

Lisa Hakimi

Yulia Anashkina 

Belle Yu-Ng

Cecile Lee

2020-2021 T-shirt (front)
2020-2021 T-shirt (back)

Junior Board T-Shirt Design Winners and T-shirt Ordering

September 18, 2020

Hello Junior Board!

Thank you so much to everyone who turned in a T-shirt design and voted. We received 19 beautiful designs this year!


We are so excited to announce the T-shirt design winners for the 2020-2021 season. Congratulations to both Orquidea and Megan for having the most votes for their designs! Orquidea's design was chosen for the front of the shirt, and Megan's was chosen for the back. 

You can now order your T-shirts for the 2020-2021 season! Each T-shirt will be about $18, but the actual price will depend on how many people order a shirt. The deadline for ordering is 10/11. Unfortunately, we will not be able to take any late orders since we will be ordering all the T-shirts together. 

Click HERE to order your T-shirt. 

PSC Junior Board Officers

Screen Shot 2020-08-31 at 8.30.55 PM.png

Junior Board T-Shirt Design Contest

August 31, 2020

Hello Junior Board!
It is finally time to vote for your favorite T-shirt design. Thank you to everyone who turned in a design! We are very excited to see our new T-shirt for the next season. Please vote for 1 design for the front of the shirt and 1 design for the back. This is just a reminder that you will receive 1 point just by voting!


Thank you, 

PSC Junior Board Officers

Club Zoom Meeting with JASON BROWN

August 23, 2020


We had our first club “Community” zoom meeting and meet guest speaker, Jason Brown! He is a seven-time medalist on the Grand Prix circuit, the 2015 U.S. national champion, and a two-time Four Continents medalist, to name a few accolades.


Staying connected and feeling like a community is the mission of Peninsula Skating Club. Let’s support each other and have some fun! Everyone from the 2019-2020 and current season is invited. If you were a member last year but not this year, we’d still love to have you join us!



1. Introduction by president, Rick Perez

2. Jason Brown speaks and answers questions

3. The Junior Board presents three exciting projects

4. Rick Perez discusses the current season.


Junior Board did a fabulous job to help moderate the meeting and to present our exciting projects; the sharing of Shelter-In-Place reflection especially impressed all the audiences. 



Shelter In Place Reflection

July 15, 2020

​Dear Junior Board members:

We are super excited that the rinks in the Bay Area have reopened. Were you able to get a spot? How did it feel to be on ice again? Can you still do your jumps and spins? 


The Junior Board would like to do an online reflection of skaters' lives during SIP. We want to hear your stories of SIP, whether it's about off-ice training, or any new hobby you developed, or a virtual party you had, or anyone you have helped during SIP, and most importantly, how you felt during SIP. Were you incredibly bothered by the physical isolation? Or the despair of not being able to frequently leave your house? Or did you instead feel peaceful and comfortable in the safety of home?


We are also curious to hear: how do you feel of being able to reunite perhaps in person with your beloved coaches? How do you feel being able to get back on the ice which you have been separated from for months now? To be able to come back after perhaps the longest time you’ve ever spent away from the sport?


Please send your stories, photos, or video clips to before Aug 15th. There is no word count limit. This is one of the most unique experiences we have ever had, so please use this opportunity to record your reflections and thoughts! We will publish your stories on JB's website and Instagram to share with skaters all around the world. You will also earn points for your submissions.


Stay safe and healthy! Have a great summer!

PSC Junior Board officers


T-shirt Color Announcement & Design Info

June 23, 2020


Hello everyone!

Thank you all who voted for your favorite T-shirt color! We are excited to announce that this year's color will be navy blue. Everyone who voted has received one point! 


Now that the color is chosen, it is time for you to come up with a design for our T-shirt! Each skater may turn in more than one design if they'd like. The first design will earn you 10 points; however, you will only receive 2 points each for your other designs. And... the winner will receive 15 points!!!


If you would like to turn in a design, send a picture of your design to the PSC Junior Board email. The deadline for turning in your design(s) is August 15. After gathering all our designs, we will be voting for the best design. 


Thank you,

PSC Junior Board Officers 


2020 Junior Board T-shirt Design Contest

June 13, 2020

Hello everyone!

Since the new season has started, it is also time to design a new T-shirt! This year, we have made slight changes to the system to make it more engaging and fun for you!


First thing’s first. We have to come up with a color for our T-shirt. We encourage everyone to vote for their favorite color because not only will it increase the chance of getting your preferred color but it will also help you earn points!


This year we have decided to add in a Point System. Whenever you participate in an event (small or big), you will receive some points. By voting for this year's T-shirt color, you can earn some points too! More points means that you have participated in many events!


Even with the hard situation that we are in right now, we hope to keep the Junior Board enjoyable and engaging!!!




Thank you.

PSC Junior Board Officers





Junior Board YouTube Channel

June 08, 2020

Hello everyone: 

Most of you may not know, but we have a YouTube channel! As of right now, there is only 1 video uploaded in regards to Ankle Injury Prevention!! We are currently working to get more content up for all of you to see- but we will NEED YOUR HELP!! This is our first project of the season, so you definitely want to be on board!!~


This YouTube channel is about getting the entire community together, and hopefully stronger as well! 

We plan on making: 

-Nutrition Videos

-Stretching/ Workout Videos



We are going to do video compilations, so we will need all of your help to do specific exercises!  Fill out the Google Form down below, to get started!! We will continue to send out more emails in regards to what you can do to help make this channel rock!

Keep watching for more content on our YouTube channel - PSC Junior Board. 


Google Form:

YouTube Channel Link:



Officers from the Junior Board 


Junior Board in action in Covid19 relief project

March 31, 2020

Junior Board is collecting homemade face masks/shields to donate to hospitals (Kaiser San Jose, Kaiser Fremont, El Camino Hospital, etc.) and Senior Care Centers. Once you have made 10+ masks, you can drop them off (NO CONTACT) to Alice (in San Jose) or a skater in Fremont, and we will send  them to doctors and nurses in Kaiser and other hospitals. We also accept surgical masks, n95 masks, disinfectant wipes, and hand sanitizer for donation. 


Please send photos or videos of you masking the masks, so we can post them on instagram and our website to spread awareness and motivation for this event!


Please participate in this event, you will enjoy creating personal protection equipment for our hardworking hospital staff who are risking their lives to save the lives of others. 





Junior Board Directors Met with PSC Board Member Linda Price

December 15, 2019

Junior Board Directors met with PSC Board Member Ms. Linda Price. We made plans to grow PSC membership base and support our members, especially new members and high school skaters. 




2019 Fremont Christmas Show

December 07, 2019


Junior Board members performed beautifully in the annual Fremont Christmas Show. Nicole and her team even choreographed their own program. 

Over thanksgiving break, some Fremont skater and I got together and had an idea to create a group number to perform at the Fremont Christmas Show. So we organized it with whoever could make it and started choreographing the program. Some skaters who couldn’t make it to the show helped out too. The choreographer of the group number was Isabelle, myself, Minseo, and Rainbow. It was a great experience for me as being the manger of the group because it showed me how to be a leader, how to contact others to schedule things, and leadership skills that I can use in the future. Many of the skaters learned the choreography from videos that we sent from every practice because not everyone could make it to each one. Since all the students in the group take from Ryan and Sherri, we decided for the group name to be Sherri and Ryan’s Ice Angels. The performers in Sherri and Ryan’s Ice Angels were Isabelle, Ethan, Angela, Rainbow, Nicole, and Da-ni. We skated to All I Want For Christmas is You by Fifth Harmony because it is a really fun and upbeat song. It is also a Classic Christmas song that everyone knows and loves. It was super fun to create a group program for the Christmas Show and I hope more skaters next year can join us.

~Nicole Chan




2019 Thanksgiving Volunteering

November 28, 2019


This Thanksgiving, Junior Board will be thanking the community by helping Sunnyvale Presbyterian Church decorating their dinning hall to get ready for their annual Thanksgiving Dinner for people in need. We will also give out Junior Board Signature T-shirt at this event. There is limited space so please sign up soon.


Date: Thursday, November 28nd

Time: 12:00-2:30

Location:  Sunnyvale Presbyterian Church, 728 W. Fremont Ave, Sunnyvale, CA 94087


We are looking forward seeing you at Thanksgiving!

Junior Board Directors





PSC Junior Board T-shirt Winner

November 23, 2019


We would like to announce that Ashley Ruan has won the PSC Junior Board T-shirt design contest, so her design will be appearing on our new Junior Board t-shirts. We received many creative designs, but we decided that Ashley's design was the most fitting. The top three designs are showcased in the link below. They are from Ashley Ruan, Megan Zhu, and Sienna Dyer. 

Congratulations again to Ashley! Thank you everyone for sending your talented designs!





Ankle Injury Prevention

November 10, 2019

Our Junior Board members Nicole Chan and Layla Abedini share their exercises on how they prevent ankle injuries in the video below:





2019 PSC Junior Board T-shirt Design Contest

October 26, 2019

It’s time to design our Peninsula Skating Club Junior Board t-shirts again! We are hoping to receive a ton of creative new t-shirt designs to give to our members this year. All t-shirt designs and participants will be featured on both our Instagram and our website. And …. the winner will receive a $25 cash prize yay!

To our multi-talented members out there, please put your artsy skills to good use in our 2019 t-shirt design contest. Send your design (both front and back) to before November 17 to enter the contest. 

Best of luck to everyone competing at Regionals,

~Your Junior Board officers



2019 PSC Annual Club Banquet

October 11, 2019


Today was the Peninsula Skating Club Annual Banquet, and we all had so much fun! We were able to talk with Rick Perez, our lovely President of the Peninsula Skating Club as well as an international judge, and Alysa Liu, the 2019 US National Champion! Thank you everyone for coming!






Silicon Valley Open in Action

August 02, 2019


Junior Board members are busy competing and volunteering at Silicon Valley Open 2019.

Thank you for all your hard work which makes this competition a memorable event for over 400 skaters, coaches and officials.




Injury Prevention Project

June 09, 2019

Hi Junior Board!


We are starting a new project where we share advice on how we prevented and recovered from injuries! We will be sharing tips on what worked for us and exercises that helped us recover faster to help other skaters. 

We have emailed info on different injury types. Please let us know if you have experienced any of the injury types we send out! We will then group our members' experiences and email specifics. Our first project is video-based: we will be filming exercises that help us prevent and overcome different types of injuries.

Thank you and stay tuned!

Your Junior Board Officers



Canopy Tree Care

March 23, 2019


Spring is coming, trees are growing, flowers are blooming. It's the right time to beautify our environment and enjoy the nature. It’s proven science: a walk in the woods or even strolling down a tree-lined street does wonders for your mind and your mood.


Hence we have setup this great volunteer opportunity for you to join Canopy's Cubberley Tree Care Work Day. This is a collaborative activity with City of Palo Alto and the Kiwanis Club to beautify the community center campus! Over the last few years Canopy volunteers planted 100 TREES and over 100 landscape plants! In order to keep this landscape thriving we need to add more mulch, rebuild water basins, remove weeds, and pick up trash around the trees.


Date: Saturday, March 23, 2019

Time: 9:00 am to 12:00 pm

Location: Cubberley Community Center, 4000 Middlefield Rd, Palo Alto, CA 94303, USA



National Get Up Day 2019

February 01, 2019

Get Up Day is a day where figure skaters from across the nation share their stories of perseverance and how they got up after a fall! In honor of Get Up Day, our Junior Board Members shared their own stories and thoughts about how they overcame setbacks.

"One time I have had to “get up” during my figure skating career is when I sprained my ankle while doing a jump on ice. At first, I thought that it was no big deal but as time went by, my parents and I found out that it was no minor injury. It took eight weeks for me to recover and be able to get back onto the ice. It was especially hard for me when I was injured because not only was I not able to skate, but I had to go to the rink and a competition that I was supposed to participate in for my little sister. This injury has helped me how much I love figure skating and gave me the courage to move on and not keep dragging negative thoughts with me throughout my life. Next time whenever something like this happens again, I now have the bravery to overcome any obstacles I might face in the future." -Sawaka Yanagi

"Everyday I am able to do something that I love and have a Passion for, Figure Skating. Being a Figure Skater I've learned many important life lessons. For example it has has taught me to overcome any barriers or things that set me back, learn from them, and persevere. One day when I was skating, about 2 years ago, my knee started swelling, eventually making it hard to jump, spin, or even skate on it. I didn't want the pain in my knee to stop me, so I kept skating, and even competing. Eventually I learned that I tore my Meniscus in my knee and in turn this injury kept me off the ice for about a year. This was the first major injury I had in my Skating career, and I was crushed since I wasn't able to skate during this time. Having been off the ice for about a year because of this injury, it taught to always listen to my body, if i'm in pain, do something about it. This also motivated me to 'Get Up' and learn how to get stronger so nothing like this will happen again. Not being able to do something I love, for a year, was something that I had to learn to overcome and push through." -Emily Clinkscales

"Two years ago, I injured my back right before Regionals. Because I had to take time off the ice to rest, I was very disappointed with my performance and felt like my whole season of hard work had been pointless. Overcoming this setback was difficult, but it taught me the importance of never giving up." -Elizabeth Ding

"Tell yourself that you can do better next time and there are many opportunities ahead of you. Your can't just quit because you did bad on one competition, you have to persevere and get over it to become a better skater." -Megan Zhu

Let's continue celebrating courage and perseverance!

Elizabeth Ding

PSC Junior Board President



Thanksgiving Volunteer Event

December 08, 2018


We had an amazing time on Thanksgiving volunteering at the Sunnyvale Presbyterian Church by serving dinner to those who might not have had a house or the means to celebrate the holiday in. We diligently worked as either servers, helping serve dishes ranging from turkey and stuffing to mashed potatoes and gravy, or hostesses, helping pour refreshments and serve pie. It was such a great experience to serve nearly four hundred people, and it made us appreciate things we have in our lives that we barely acknowledge.  


Our members provided some great statements on their thoughts after the event:

"I really enjoyed serving the people that came to dinner. Many people were citizens that did not have enough money to support themselves for food, and took several boxes of food to last them. This made me realize how unfortunate some citizens are in the world, and that we must be grateful for what we are given/take for granted every day. " - Erica Machida

"I had a great experience volunteering with everyone on the junior board! It was so nice to give food to people who were in need, and see the happiness and smiles on their faces." - Mayu Tayama

"It was super fun to give back to the community, and being with my friends made it even more special." - Nicole


We were so glad that we helped out on Thanksgiving and we look forward to more events in the future. Check out photos from the event under our Gallery section!

Thank you and happy holidays!

Elizabeth Ding 

PSC Jr Board President  ​



2018 PSC Annual Club Banquet

September 28, 2018

PSC Annual Club Banquet is at Don Giovanni Restaurant, located at 235 Castro Street, Mountain View, CA 94041







2017 Season Informational Meeting

February 13, 2017


Thank you to everyone who attended our informational meeting regarding the 2017 PSC Junior Board Season! 


During this meeting we talked about some of the new changes we made based on our member feedback. The first and foremost change we made is that we will now welcome any participants from ages 10-18! We will also be sending out emails to both skaters AND parents instead of just to skaters. Another big change we made is that our volunteer events will be every so often instead of every single month. However, we will be holding more social events, such as a thanksgiving feast and secret santa, so our 2017 season will be a lot of fun! :) We will also be hosting small contests and accepting frequent member feedback every so often.


We currently have two leadership positions open: the Project Chair and Public Relations! The Project Chair will find volunteer events and coordinate socials. The Public Relations will manage our website, Instagram, and emailing information. If you are interested in being our Project Chair or Public Relations, please fill out our form (listed under the "files" tab). You must be 13 years old by March 1st to apply for an officer position. The form is due by Sunday, February 19th 11:59pm


Please tell your friends to join Junior Board, as the schedule is very flexible, and we will have LOTS of fun this year! The sign up forms are located under the "files" tab, and are due by Sunday, February 19th 11:59pm.



Thank you!

Sarah Zhang

PSC Jr. Board President



San Jose Municipal Rose Garden

July 16, 2016

Our Junior Board members had a great time trimming the San Jose Municipal Rose Gardens and making the community a beautiful place!


Spring Jubilee Volunteer

May 14, 2016

Our Junior Board members helped out with refreshments and running results. Check out our Spring Jubilee Geo-filter on Snapchat as well! Congratulations to all the skaters that competed!


Welcome Potluck Social

April 16, 2016

Today was such a delightful day! Our Jr Board family gathered at the absolutely beautiful Cuesta park to enjoy a nice potluck social. The weather was perfect and the environment was perfect.


Many of us had lots of fun, blowing up and popping balloons, eating some delicious food, demolishing the cake just with our utensils, playing many games, etc. I would say that this event was a success! 


Everyone had beautiful smiles on their faces and it sure seemed like we were having a fun and relaxed time under the 80 degree weather! I hope this event has loosened up our tired bodies from all the skating and training we have to go through. :)


Thank you all for coming! 

Sarah Zhang

PSC Jr Board President

Our City Forest

March 12, 2016

Our VERY first volunteer event was a blast!


We helped out "Our City Forest", a non-profit organization, at the El Quito Neighborhood in Saratoga by planting trees!


It was a day full of digging and shoveling the rooted dirt. Who knew planting 2 trees would be so exhuasting? 


Shout out to Elizabeth Ding, Ysabel Li, Cherie Zhi, Nicole Zhi, Samantha Ramsey, Jen Huang, Ivette Lipets, Miranda Rojas, and Flora Peng for coming to help the community! Now you guys know how to plant trees ;) 


Thank you everybody!

Sarah Zhang

PSC Jr Board President


 Our VERY first volunteer event was a blast!


2016 Season Informational Meeting

March 20, 2016

Volunteer Coordinator

Congratulations to Alain Sandraz! We are very excited to have him on our team!



If you have not gotten your T-shirt yet, please come find us or email us. We will also have them at the party, so if all else fails! 

Remember, $14 in cash or check payable to "Lan Huang".


A potluck party for some bonding time!!! :) 

We are thinking of the following dates: 4/9, 4/10

Most likely to be from  11:00AM - 2:00PM (temporary time frame)


ALSO, if you are willing to let us host the party at your house, you'll get extra points! Just fill out the form below! 


EVERYONE, please fill out this form (even if you don't think you can go):


Please have it filled out by March 30th!