Alice Feng


Hi everyone! I’m the President for the upcoming season! I will be working closely with Junior Board Directors to plan all activities for the year and keep all members updated with emails and regular meetings. On the ice, my favorite thing to do is try new spin positions. Off the ice, I really like doing science research projects and watching Chinese dramas. I’m so excited to be able to work with everyone!


Sawaka Yanagi

Vice President

This year I am the Vice President. My job is to assist the President and to make sure that everything is running smoothly. I have been figure skating since I was 5 years old, and I have a little sister who also skates as well. Some of my hobbies are cooking and riding my bike.

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Mayu Tayama

Project Chair

I am the Project Chair for the upcoming junior board season. I will be planning new events and projects with the other officers, and I am thrilled to work with everyone in the club! I was also a member of the San Francisco Ice Theater, and outside of skating I do track and field and singing. My hobbies include cooking, dancing with friends, and listening to music!


Ashley Ruan


I will be the secretary and treasurer for the board this season! My job is to record the club’s activities, including the decisions made during meetings and the participation of all the members. I will also be keeping track of the Junior Board’s fundraising account. I have been skating for the past 11 years. My other hobbies include drawing, making animations, and, more recently, baking.

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Minseo Park

Public Relations

I will be the public relations officer for this year. My responsibility is to promote events through the Junior Board Instagram and Snapchat account and send out email regarding updates. I’ll also manage the Junior Board website and photos as well as advising on projects and events. I’ve been skating with the Peninsula Skating Club for 6 years and total for 8 years. Besides skating, my hobbies include playing the piano, reading, baking, and sleeping.

Diane Honda